Mexico - "we experienced a 50% reduction of dysentery starting in the 1st week after using AquaDrop at our rural medical clinics"Aaron Alvarado, M.D.
Inst. Mexicano del Seguro Social
Haiti - "among the poorest in Haiti, the City Soliel, lacks running water and sanitation. AquaDrop helped not only the children, orphans and the adults of Haiti, but also the missionaries that serve this devastated land."Ms. Tara Brackney, Coordinator
Relieving Orphans Suffering Everywhere (R.O.S.E.)
Haiti & Caribbean - "since we switched to only using AquaDrop five years ago, I have taken several thousand people on trips, and the change was dramatic starting even with the first trip. No one got sick! I'll never use anything else to treat our water. AquaDrop kills bacteria, it kills algae, and it stays in solution in all our cisterns and tanks used year round to store drinking water. Bottom line: It works."Bob Keesee, Executive Director
RainCatchers, Inc.
"Our people are using AquaDrop Drinking Water Treatment and they are happy with the results in Congo, Kenya, Ghana, and Somalia. Safe drinking water is African people's most urgent and dire need."Samuel Guane Ackah, Chairman
African Social Development Aid
"We distributed AquaDrop to four (4) Africa countries (Kenya, Somalia, Congo and Ghana) as pilot projects of local communities for safe drinking water. We are very excited with the results; your product purifies the water by killing all related germs before the waters are consumed. We in ADFD believe AquaDrop water product will save many lives in Africa. Thank you."Dr. Veronique Walu, Chair Lady
African Diaspora Fund for Development
"Using AquaDrop for several months to provide safe drinking water for our clinics, our staff, and the local Haitian populations as well as combat the severe Cholera problem. As we expand our humanitarian efforts into South America, we are taking AquaDrop drinking water treatment with us every step of the way."Paul Sebring, Extreme Humanitarian
M.M.R.C. Global
"We treat water for our children's Academy (over 100 students) and to 12 local area Churches providing safe drinking water to keep people healthy and worry free about their water."Bishop David Mutoti
Heavens Way Ministries, Kenya
"We treated our family well once last year and within hours were rid of that unpleasant odor and taste in our water. We will treat our well once a year to keep the water odor free and tasting great, like nature intended."Mr. Ben Knickerbocker
Milan, Michigan
"Rode 1700km from Canmore to Vancouver to test out my gear for the 2011 road trip planned for SE Asia next year (2011) and AquaDrop travelled along for the ride keeping my water safe at every stop."Mr. Vang Nguyen, Extreme World Cyclist
Vancouver, B.C. Canada