• Q. What is AquaDrop?

    A. AquaDrop™ Drinking Water Treatment is a blue liquid compound used in the treatment of suspected unsafe water intended for consumption by humans and animals to reduce or eliminate water borne illnesses.

  • Q. How does AquaDrop™ make water safe to drink?

    A. AquaDrop™ destroys many harmful organic contaminates and bacteria commonly found in unsafe drinking water making the water safe to drink.

    This is accomplished by AquaDrop's unique ability to uniformly distribute and suspend a very low dosage of a naturally occurring highly charge copper ion into a body of water. While safe to humans and animals, this highly charged copper ion is toxic to nearly all harmful organic contaminates and bacteria commonly found in suspected unsafe drinking water around the world.

  • Q. How long has Copper been used to help make water safe?

    A. Copper has been the preferred natural way to clean water around the world for several thousand of years. Numerous civilizations, as far back as 3,500 years ago, designed and used elaborate copper cleansing systems because of their superior purification and safe handling properties. Highly charged copper ions (CU++) are widely regarded as a superior algaecide, bactericide, and fungicide.

  • Q. Is AquaDrop™ safe?

    A. When used as directed, AquaDrop™ is safe. For over 20 years AquaDrop™ has been successfully treating unsafe water in various commercial water treatment applications throughout the United States and other countries.

    AquaDrop™ is certified and registered to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water as well as registered and certified by The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) for use in most types of potable water treatment systems.

    Because of the exceptional biocidal properties of highly charged copper coupled with AquaDrop's fast uniform dispersion properties in water, only a minuscule amount of copper is actually needed to treat the water, well below any World Health Standard Regulations.

    Actually, copper is an essential daily mineral nutrient required by the human body (according to the USDA, National Agricultural Library, Food and Nutrition Information Center) which also indicates that most humans are copper deficient in their daily diets.

  • Q. Is AquaDrop™ compatible with other water treatment products?

    A. AquaDrop™ is compatible with other commonly used water treatment chemicals such as chlorine or bleach. AquaDrop is also used in combination with bio sand filtration systems not only to disinfect the water but also the sand filter media as well.

  • Q. How do I use AquaDrop™?

    A. Simply apply self-dispersing AquaDrop™ to containerized water at a rate of one (1) drop AquaDrop for every one (1) gallon [or 3.78 liters] of suspected unsafe water. This ratio works at any volume of water. No stirring or mixing of water required.

  • Q. How soon after treatment can I drink the treated water?

    A. Due to the variety of harmful organic contaminates and bacteria commonly found in suspected unsafe drinking water, For personal water consumption [10 liters or less] AquaDrop™ requires a minimum of 30 minutes wait time to be effective. A longer wait time [typically 2 hours] is advisable when dealing with more hazardous or unknown water conditions.

    When treating larger water volumes [1,000 liters and above] overnight treatment [of 8 hours] is recommended.

  • Q. How long does an AquaDrop™ Treatment last?

    A. AquaDrop remains suspended and actively treating the water until completely used up in the biological process of disinfecting. AquaDrop's biocidal and self-dispersal properties remains continually active until all product is spent destroying target organic contaminates.

    Other chemicals [such as chlorine or bleach] rapidly evaporate, sink to the bottom requiring multiple ongoing treatments, or require continuous agitation to be effective.

  • Q. How long can I store AquaDrop™?

    A. AquaDrop can be stored in the original container indefinitely and remains fully effective for treatment purposes unless allowed to freeze. Store AquaDrop™ in the original container in an environment where freezing of the product is not possible.

  • Q. Is AquaDrop™ expensive to use?

    A. AquaDrop’s lower dosage level requirement (1ppm) and unique ability to remain suspended and actively treating the water until completely used up in the biological process of disinfecting achieves the same effectiveness as repeated applications of chlorine or bleach (used at 25ppm to 50ppm levels), resulting in significant lower total treatment costs. AquaDrop™ is economical superior for use in any water treatment situation.

  • Q. What are other applications that will work using AquaDrop™?

    A. Other applications for which AquaDrop™ is being successfully used includes treatment of lakes, ponds, water reservoirs, cisterns, wells, tanks for making potable water as well as wastewater treatment control and waste holding tanks where contaminated water is made safe and odor free.

  • Q. What are the advantages of using AquaDrop verses other chemicals?

    1. Non-toxic and safe to humans, animals, and fish when used as directed.
    2. Environmentally friendly with no disinfection by-products typically associated with chlorine and other toxic water treatment chemicals.
    3. Self-dispersing and remains suspended in water indefinitely to encounter target organisms and will not evaporate or settle to the bottom like all other chemicals.
    4. Lower cost per unit of water treated than any conventional treatment chemicals because of lower dosage required and high effective contaminate kill rates.
  • Q. How do I purchase AquaDrop?

    A sample bottle of AquaDrop can be purchased on our website using PayPal.

    AquaDrop products can be purchased only from any one of our distributors.